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This page is for links to miscellaneous readings, tools, organizations, and campaigns. Please note that links associated with the topics covered by the topical pages listed at left are on those pages. This page is for everything else.

You Don't Support the ALF Because Why?
Challenging essay by philosophy professor Steve Best

GM Chickens
Karen Davis on "the futuristic fate of the domestic fowl"

Cloned Chickens, Disfigured Chicks, and Blinded Hens
More and more disturbing information about biotech birds

Beyond the Coop
Empathic short story about hens by Turkish writer Yusuf Atilgan

Fishy Business
Special issue of New Internationalist magazine

Veganic Agriculture
Don't stop at organic -- Go veganic!

War with the Newts
Stand-alone chapter from the classic novel by Karel Capek

"They're Made Out of Meat"
Intriguing short story by Terry Bisson

Lost Crops of the Incas
A reminder of the dangers of agricultural colonialism

Smashing the Image Factory
A complete manual of billboard "improvement"

World Animal Net
International network of animal advocacy organizations

Animals Voice
10,000+ links to animal-related resources

Why Freegan? What's Freegan? Click and see!

Protest Net
Announce or learn about upcoming actions

Impact Press
Read and distribute this excellent publication

Subvertise Graphics you can use to subvert the system

Gateway Portal to progressive sites on the web

Another portal for progressive content and demonstration announcements

Farmed Animal Watch
The best online resource for research concerning farmed animals

IndyMedia Center
Use this site to become the media

PETA Media Center
Wide variety of campaign materials to download or order

The culture jammer's encyclopedia

Vegetarian Women
Resource and information portal

Online network for those who love birds.

Animal Friends Croatia
They're our friends too!

Corporate Watch
Keeping an eye on the corporations that abuse people, animals, and the planet

The Duck's Voice
Looking out, and speaking up, for ducks.

Food Not Bombs
The name says it all!

Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers

United Plant Savers
If it weren't for plants, none of us animals would be here!

Youth Against Animal Abuse

10,000 Years Is Enough
A project of Responsible Policies for Animals

Animal Sentience
A project of Compassion in World Farming

No Foie Gras
A project of Farm Sanctuary

The Turning Point Project
A series of informative advertisements against industrial animal agriculture

World Vegan Day
November first!

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