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Follow the money. That's good advice for consumers and activists as well as for detectives. The readings in this section show how the meat, dairy, and egg industries profit at the expense of the public. Their abuses of animals (and people and the environment) are motivated by an amoral quest for profit at all costs. After the animals themselves, workers and people living in rural poverty bear the greatest share of the costs of factory farming. Big corporations and their wealthy investors reap the only real benefits. These trends are made worse by trade globalization, which helps corporations to evade local regulations.

Money Cycle
Campaign contributions lead to subsidies for corporate agribusiness
10,000 Years
Public agricultural colleges subsidize the meat industries
Factory Worker's Blog
Get the inside story on the poultry industry from a former employee
Myth of Efficiency (pdf)
Factory farming is costly and inefficient
Flimflam on the Farm
Multinational Monitor exposes the shady operations of the American Farm Bureau
Perdue on Welfare
Read all about the corporate welfare given to our local poultry industry giant
Globalization of Factory Farming
Local, national, and international impacts of the poultry industry
Down on the Farm
Factory farming is turning farmers into "modern day sharecroppers"
Supersizing Farms
Huge factory farms are replacing family farms
Fowl Behavior
In These Times reports on labor law violations by Tyson Chicken
The Front Line
Meat processing plant workers face danger and demoralization
Poultry Workers Pay the Price
Dollars and Sense magazine reports on workplace injuries and other hazards
Poverty and globalisation
Vandana Shiva speaks up for traditional plant-based agriculture

Compassion in World Farming reports:

NOTE: The CIWF reports above are in PDF format. PDF reports require Adobe Acrobat Reader. To get your free copy of Acrobat Reader go to http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html

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