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Factory farming, also known as industrial animal agriculture, causes pollution and wastes natural resources. Runoff and effluents from confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) pollute the land and the water. At the same time, meat, dairy, and egg production consume excessive amounts of water and energy. We all pay the price of this pollution and waste. Since the food produced is more costly and less healthy than vegetarian food, the only "winners" are the wealthy corporations who reap the profits of factory farming operations.

For these reasons, the Union of Concerned Scientists has recently highlighted meat eating as a consumer choice that produces significantly negative environmental impacts. True environmentalists seek to limit their negative impact on the earth and its waters when making their consumer decisions. That means limiting or eliminating consumption of meat and other products of factory farming.

So You're an Environmentalist...
...Then why are you still eating meat? asks E Magazine
Turn Down the Heat!
What can you do about global warming? Quit eating meat to turn down the heat
Water Pollution Fact Sheets
Animal agriculture is the number one cause of water pollution
Spoiled Lunch
Polluters profit from school lunch programs
Chicken Manure and Water Quality
Impact of poultry CAFOs on local water
Supersized Farms
Impact of factory farms on regions where they are located
Chickens, Manure, and Arsenic
In our region, the ecosystem absorbs 20-50 metric tons of arsenic per year!

Detailed reports:

NOTE: The detailed reports listed above are in PDF format. PDF reports require Adobe Acrobat Reader. To get your free copy of Acrobat Reader go to http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html

Union of Concerned Scientists
EarthSave International
Global Resource Center for the Environment

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