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The meat, dairy, and egg industries would like you to believe that their products are safe and nutritious. The fact is that you can get all the nutrition you need from a plant-based diet while avoiding the health hazards associated with eating animal-based foods.

The meat, dairy, and egg industries would like you to imagine farmed animals living happy lives before going to a painless death. The fact is that most farmed animals lead lives of unrelenting misery before being subjected to a painful and terrifying death.

The meat, dairy, and egg industries would like you to believe that they are responsible corporate citizens or, even better, small family farmers. The truth is that those industries pollute the environment, violate the rights of workers, and create the conditions that make life difficult for farm families.

Before you give any more of your hard-earned money to the meat, dairy, and egg industries, get the facts about their products and how they are produced. Then you can make up your own mind about whether it is healthy or ethical to support their practices with your grocery money.

The Meat Mob
Everything the meat industry doesn't want you to know
Plight of the Birds
Past, present, and future of the poultry and egg industries
Fowl Play
The unsavory truth about chicken nuggets
Medical Costs of Meat
Medical costs attributable to meat consumption
Sickening Chicken
Health hazards associated with poultry consumption
Red Meat and Health
Health hazards associated with consumption of red meat
White Poison
Colorlines article on the politics of milk
Time Bomb?
Sunday Times (UK) on the health hazards of milk
Are you eating misery?
Antibiotic Resistance
Superbugs from "down on the chicken farm"
The Dirt on Factory Farms
Multinational Monitor article on corporate agriculture
Consumer Power vs Factory Farms
Donella Meadows shows you can make a difference
Free on the Range?
The myth of the "free range" chicken

United Poultry Concerns
Farm Sanctuary
Farm Animal Reform Movement
Compassion Over Killing

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