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Adopt-a-Bird Program

You can become an active participant in the work of the Eastern Shore Sanctuary. By sponsoring a sanctuary resident, you will ensure that a hen, rooster, or duck receives everything that she or he needs to be happy and healthy. Your sponsorship fee, which may be paid monthly or annually, covers the cost of food, bedding, and health care for the bird of your choice.

Scroll down to choose a category of bird to sponsor. You can sign up and pay online by clicking the annual or monthly payment button. Or, you can click  
here   to download a pdf form to print and mail to the sanctuary along with your first payment. Along with our thanks, we will send you a high-quality digital photo of the bird you are sponsoring and also keep you up to date on his or her activities and well-being.

young broiler
"Broiler" Hen or Rooster

Birds raised for meat by the local poultry industry live in dank crowded sheds until they are trucked to painful and terrifying deaths while less than two months old. Some escape from the sheds or jump from the trucks and find their way to us. Because they eat a lot and have more medical problems than hens from egg factories, their cost of care is higher.


factory hen
"Layer" Hen from Egg Factory

Hens imprisoned in egg factories suffer for up to two years crowded into cages so small that they cannot open their wings or even lie down comfortably. Always deprived of freedom, privacy, and things to do, these hens also are periodically starved to trick their bodies into laying more eggs. Most are slaughtered or dumped alive in landfills when the industry has no more use for them, but some find their way to sanctuary.


factory duck

Ducks are gregarious and curious waterfowl who need plenty of fresh air, greenery, and water to be happy. Ducks held by the meat and foie gras industries live in constant misery. The ducks here at the sanctuary get along well with the chickens and even look out for young "broiler" chickens, who sometimes arrive battered and confused. Ducks are very healthy but their food is more expensive than chicken feed and they use a lot of water.


broiler breeder
"Broiler Breeder" Hen or Rooster

Birds used as breeders by the poultry industry are crowded into otherwise empty sheds and kept half-starved in order to save money and keep the roosters in a constant state of frustrated arousal. Those who survive and find their way to sanctuary eat ravenously and often require many months of medication to clear up eye infections and other injuries.


former fighter
Cockfighting Survivor

We are the only sanctuary to take in and rehabilitate former fighting cocks, who are usually very hardy but sometimes have injuries requiring treatment. Cockfighting operations also exploit hens for the purpose of breeding successive generations of roosters to be sacrificed in the fighting pits.